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Computer Science - Requirements for the Major and Minor

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Requirements for the major
11 credits as follows:

  • Introductory courses: CS 141, CS 142
  • Core Computer Science courses: CS 205, CS 208, CS 214, CS 220, and CS 292
  • Support course: MATH 175 or MATH 300
  • Advanced study: Three additional CS courses at the 300 level. MATH 311 can substitute for one of these
  • Capstone experience: After completion of CS 292, students must engage in a capstone experience resulting in a written report and an oral presentation. Students may select from
    1. completing a College Honors project
    2. completing a one-term senior research seminar (CS 399), which may also count as an elective
    3. completing CS 322 Software Engineering, which may also count as an elective
    4. completing a full-credit independent study or topics course, which may also count as an elective.

The department chair must certify fulfillment of the capstone experience requirement.

With permission of the chair, up to two credits in related studies outside the department may be counted toward electives in the major.

Requirements for the minor

5 credits as follows:

  • CS 141 (Introduction to Computer Science) or CS 147 (Introduction to Scientific Computing)
  • CS 142 (Program Design and Methodology)
  • Three credits above the 100-level, of which at least one must be at the 300-level. With permission of the chair, one of these may be substituted with a related course from a different department

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