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Chemistry - Requirements for the Major and Minor

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Requirements for the major

At least 11 or 12 credits as follows:

  • General Chemistry: CHEM 100A and CHEM 102A, or CHEM 100-102
  • Analytical Chemistry: CHEM 205
  • Organic Chemistry: CHEM 211 and CHEM 212
  • Inorganic Chemistry: CHEM 215
  • Physical Chemistry: CHEM 321 and CHEM 321A (.5 credit)
  • Presentation Skills in Chemistry: CHEM 399 (.5 credit)
  • Advanced Studies: The Advanced Studies requirement is the means by which students engage themselves in a more in-depth study of one of the sub-disciplines of chemistry: analytical, organic, inorganic, physical, or biological. It is met by one of:
    1. One or more elective courses at the 300 level that make up at least one credit (BCHM 301 may be used as the elective course)
    2. An independent research project at the 350 level for a minimum of one credit
    3. A second major or a minor in Biochemistry
    4. An Honors Project in Chemistry or Biochemistry (for a double major)
  • Calculus: MATH 151 and MATH 152

Requirements for the minor

5 or 6 credits as follows:

  • General Chemistry: CHEM 100A and CHEM 102A, or CHEM 100-102
  • 2 courses from: CHEM 205, CHEM 211, or CHEM 215
  • 1 course from: CHEM 212, CHEM 220, CHEM 250, CHEM 325, CHEM 328, or CHEM 331

Note: Students double majoring in Biochemistry and Chemistry may count no more than 4 courses to both majors. For major-minor combinations of Biochemistry and Chemistry, no more than 2 courses may apply simultaneously to both programs.

Professional preparation

Students considering graduate study or careers in chemistry should, in addition to the above, take:

  • CHEM 322, CHEM 322A, CHEM 325, CHEM 328, CHEM 331
  • PHYS 110, PHYS 130 or PHYS 130A

Certification by the American Chemical Society

Students interested in chemistry as a profession or for graduate school training should consider completing the requirements for the certified curriculum espoused by the American Chemical Society as follows:

  • those listed for the major plus BCHM 301, CHEM 322, CHEM 322A, CHEM 325, CHEM 331
  • two from BCHM 310, CHEM 315, CHEM 316, CHEM 318, CHEM 328, CHEM 395.

Two units of independent study may be substituted for these two electives.

  • one year of a foreign language: recommended are French or German, 101, 102, 103
  • two units from PHYS 110, PHYS 120, PHYS 130 or PHYS 130A
  • Recommended: CS 141
  • Recommended: ENG 101 and/or ENG 102.

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