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Business and Management - Requirements for the Minor

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Requirements for the minor

7 courses in the program:

  • Three core courses: ECON 110, BUS 211, BUS 280
  • One course in statistical methods: STAT 200 (see Non-Departmental Courses), MATH 321, or PSYC 281
  • One course in ethics: PHIL 118 or PHIL 130 or PHIL 210
  • Students also select a two course sequence from among the following areas of Business and Management:
    • Finance: BUS 212 and BUS/ECON 333
    • Marketing: BUS 285 and BUS 343
    • Human resources management: PSYC 272 and either PSYC 278 or ANSO 205
    • Competitive strategy: ECON 301 and ECON 365
    • Environmental management: ENVS 260 and ENVS 368
    • Public sector: ECON 363 and PS 235
    • International business: ECON 371 and either PS 301 or PS 312
    • Accounting: BUS 212 and BUS 312
    • Independent sequence: Two courses chosen in consultation with the major advisor and the business program advisor

Students majoring in Economics, Environmental Studies, Financial Mathematics, or Psychology and minoring in Business and Management can apply no more than three courses to both programs simultaneously.

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