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Business and Management

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Program Committee
John Spittell, chair
John Dooley, Computer Science
John Haslem, Center for Teaching and Learning
Mark Holmes, Art and Art History
Frank McAndrew, Psychology
Carissa Schoffner, Business and Management (on leave Fall 2015)
Carol Scotton, Economics and Business and Management
Richard Stout, Economics
Daniel Wack, Philosophy

Cooperating faculty from other programs
Steve Cohn, Economics
L. Sue Hulett, Political Science
Duane Oldfield, Political Science
Jonathan Powers, Economics

Jaime Spacco, Computer Science

At Knox we believe that a broad liberal arts education provides the best preparation for careers in business and management in this rapidly changing world. Business and management today rely on ideas, leadership, communication and problem solving. Students interested in business and management careers should take advantage of the full range of the Knox liberal arts curriculum to develop fundamental skills: communication, problem solving, creative innovation, leadership, mastery of information technology, and diverse perspective for careers in business and management in a global community.

The business and management minor helps to focus students' abilities in these fields, providing insight as to how these competencies are applied at businesses, financial institutions and nonprofits. Combining the business and management minor with any other major at Knox serves to enhance the liberal arts education with knowledge of business and management techniques, technical applications, philosophy, ethics, and roles in international commerce.

Knox majors in many areas, including Economics, Mathematics, English, Political Science and the Arts, have gone on to distinguished careers as business and nonprofit leaders. Knox ranks in the top 20 percent of U.S. colleges in the number of alumni who are corporate executives. Students interested in business and management should work closely with the Business and Management Advisor and the Center for Career and Pre-Professional Development to plan courses and experiential learning activities that offer appropriate preparation for a career in business and management.

Direct Admission with the William E. Simon School of Business Administration

The William E. Simon Graduate School of Business has a direct admission agreement with Knox students. Select candidates with strong academic potential and regardless of major may be admitted at the end of their junior year to the Simon School MBA program on the condition that they successfully complete their four-year program at Knox. The Simon School also provides scholarship support to admitted students, based on the quality of their admission application.

Program Learning Goals

Students completing a Business and Management minor will:

  1. Analyze the roles for business institutions and activities in society and the ways in which business is a human endeavor
  2. Engage in critical thought, demonstrating analytical, quantitative, and information management competency from a business and managerial perspective
  3. Explain the scope, dimensions, and complexities of value creation as a basic tenet for business
  4. Communicate effectively and work collaboratively with others

Requirements for the Minor

Business Course Descriptions

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