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Black Studies - Requirements for the Major and Minor

Requirements for the major

10 credits in the program as follows:

  • Core Courses: Introductory courses: BKST 101, BKST 145 and BKST 263
  • Five electives selected from other Black Studies courses including at least one credit at the 300-level and no more than one credit at the 100-level. No more than one credit is counted from BKST 250, BKST 350 and/or internship (see below)
  • BKST 389
  • BKST 399
  • (Optional) An internship for credit, practicum or other approved community-based work may be substituted for up to one elective credit. Approval of the Chair of Black Studies is required.

Requirements for the minor

  • BKST 101
  • 4 additional credits in Black Studies, of which one may be taken as an independent study
  • A student project that applies the perspectives of Black Studies to material experience outside the context of an explicitly Black Studies course. The project may be done within the context of: (a) an Honors project (b) an internship, work experience, or community action. Students doing such an action-oriented project submit a written report of their activities.

The choice of a project is made in consultation with the Chair of Black Studies.

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