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Biochemistry - Requirements for the Major and Minor

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Requirements for the major

10 credits as follows:

  • BIOL 120, CHEM 102 or 102A, CHEM 211, CHEM 212
  • BCHM 265, BCHM 301, BCHM 302, BCHM 310
  • One elective from among the following list: BCHM 333, BCHM 334, BCHM 335, BCHM 340, BCHM 345, CHEM 215, CHEM 325, BIOL 328, BIOL 332, or BIOL 338.
  • The senior capstone experience, requiring a research project or in-depth library project: BCHM 399 or BCHM 400.

Requirements for the minor

5 courses as follows:

  • BIOL 120 (Cell Biology and Physiology)
  • CHEM 211 and CHEM 212 (Organic Chemistry)
  • BCHM 301 and BCHM 302 (Structure and Function; Chemistry of Metabolism)

Note: Students double majoring in Biochemistry and Biology may count no more than 3 courses to both majors. Students double majoring in Biochemistry and Chemistry may count no more than 4 courses to both majors. For major-minor combinations of Biochemistry and either Biology or Chemistry, no more than 2 courses may apply simultaneously to both programs.

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