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Asian Studies - Requirements for the Major

East entry to Ford Center for the Fine Arts.

Requirements for the major

11 credits as follows:

  • Language and Context Component: 3 credits of study in an Asian language and its social context. This requirement can be satisfied in one of two ways:
    1. 3 credits of Japanese or Chinese language at the 200 level or above; or
    2. Participation in an approved, semester-length or longer language and culture study program in Asia, excluding China and Japan.
  • Asian Content Component: 4 credits of study with an Asian-related focus. At least one must be at the 300-level. 100-level language credits cannot be counted toward this requirement.
  • Allied Field Component: 3 credits in a single department, selected in consultation with the academic advisor. One credit must be at the 300 level. Credits used to satisfy the Asian Content Component cannot be used to satisfy the Allied Field Component
  • Senior Project: 1 credit of 399 or 400

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