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Pre-Professional Program

Program Advisor

Gregory Gilbert, Art and Art History

Knox College does not offer architecture courses per se, but students wishing to pursue a career in architecture can acquire strong undergraduate liberal arts preparation at Knox. Knox students who apply to architecture schools traditionally have been very well-prepared to develop a competitive portfolio, have been accepted into prestigious programs, and have done well in their subsequent careers.

Students interested in the pre-professional program in Architecture should take as many mathematics and physics classes as possible as a basis for understanding architectural design and engineering principles. All courses in the Art and Art History department are extremely relevant to developing visual literacy, learning creative problem-solving, and building a portfolio. In particular, future architects should learn to draw with great control and be familiar with three-dimensional issues of design and construction. It is also crucial to take courses in art history that survey developments in architectural design and urban planning. It is highly recommended that students in this program complete at least one course in calculus, one course in physics, two courses in art history and four courses in studio art.

Much of the specialized education and training in architecture design skills will have to be acquired by students through off-campus study opportunities. However, the program advisor will mentor and assist students with applying for intensive off-campus architecture programs and courses, which will expose students to fundamentals of mechanical drawing, computer-aided design and model construction. As a further means to prepare students for graduate training in architecture, the program advisor and the Bastian Family Career Center will also assist students in applying for architectural internships.

Students interested in this program should contact the program advisor to discuss their plans for architectural study and to select their courses accordingly.

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Printed on Friday, May 27, 2016

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