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Pre-Professional Program

Program Advisor

Mark Holmes, Art and Art History

Although Knox does not offer courses in architecture, interested students students can acquire a broad foundation in the visual, quantitative, physical, and critical skills that will equip them for architectural graduate work.

Students interested in architecture should complete at least one course in calculus, one course in physics, two courses in art history and four courses in studio art. Courses in Mathematics and Physics are the basis for more specific work in engineering and architectural mechanics. Art History will provide students with historical and cultural knowledge and develop visual awareness based on analysis of historical examples. Courses in Design, Sculpture, and Drawing will be essential before students develop specifically architectural skills in independent studies or off-campus study.

Most students will choose to enroll in off-campus programs to learn the specialized skills of architectural design, computer-aided drafting, model construction, etc. The program advisor can assist students in applying to summer programs, or other off campus study.

Interested students should meet with Mark Holmes to discuss their plans and select courses accordingly.

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Printed on Tuesday, August 30, 2016

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