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Anthropology and Sociology - Requirements for the Major and Minor

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Requirements for the major

10 credits in the department, as follows:

  • Two introductory l00-level courses
  • Area course: ANSO 231, 232, 233, 234, 235, or 236
  • Theory and method: ANSO 300 and ANSO 301
  • Electives: three other courses in the department, of which at least one must be at the 300-level
  • Senior research courses: ANSO 398 and ANSO 399

With permission of the chair, up to two credits in related studies outside the department may be counted toward electives in the major.

Requirements for the minor

5 credits in the department, including:

  • No more than two 100 level courses
  • At least one 300 level course (which cannot be ANSO 301)

Anthropology and Sociology Course Descriptions

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