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Knox College welcomes applications from students around the world who value the challenges and rigor of a liberal arts education. Students with initiative, imagination, eagerness for learning, and personal maturity are best able to benefit from the opportunities at Knox. We also appreciate the varied perspectives that students of diverse backgrounds, talents, and interests bring to our campus community.

In evaluating applications for admission, we carefully review the information provided by the student and his or her recommenders. The greatest weight is given to the applicant's academic transcripts. The difficulty of the courses selected as well as the level and consistency of academic performance are important predictors of future achievement at Knox. Beyond transcripts, we evaluate written communication skills, motivation and maturity, ability to make a contribution to the Knox community, and other personal qualities. Recommendations, admission interviews, the application itself, and the student's personal essay all provide valuable insights that assist the Admission Committee in making a decision.

An interview with an admission counselor is highly recommended for all applicants. Interviews generally take place on the Knox College campus or at off-campus locations during the fall. To schedule a campus visit and interview, or to inquire about the availability of an interview in your area, contact the Office of Admission, or go to

The submission of SAT I or ACT scores is optional for most applicants. Knox adopted this policy so that you can decide for yourself if your scores adequately reflect your abilities and potential for success in college. If you provide your scores, they will be considered and can sometimes help us in assessing your abilities more fully. Scores can be submitted either directly from the testing agency or on your official secondary school transcript. (Home-schooled students and applicants from secondary schools that do not provide grades are asked to submit test results. Students not submitting scores for admission are asked to provide them prior to enrollment at Knox for the purposes of advising and placement.)

Applying for Admission

The Common Application
Knox College is an exclusive user of the Common Application. This form can be used to apply for admission at Knox and nearly 500 highly selective colleges and universities.

All applicants should complete the Common Application. You can apply online at Complete instructions needed to apply for admission, scholarships, and financial aid are available on the Knox College website at

When to apply
Knox has three application deadlines for first-year students. The option you choose depends on how and when you want an admission decision.

Early Action (non-binding)
If you've decided early in your senior year that Knox is among your top college choices, apply early and receive the benefit of learning your admission decision sooner. The Early Action option is non-binding, meaning you may apply to other colleges and still have until May 1 to make your final college selection. Knox offers two rounds of early application consideration. Complete your application by November 1 (Early Action I) or by December 1 (Early action II).

Regular Decision
Regular Decision candidates should submit all portions of their application for admission by February 1. Candidates receive an admission decision by March 31 and must reply to our offer by May 1.

Dates and Deadlines
Early Action I Early Action II Regular Decision
Application Deadline November 1 December 1 February 1
Scholarship Submissions Due November 1 December 1 February 1
Notification By November 30 December 31 March 31
Reply and Deposit Due May 1 May 1 May 1

Early Admission (for high school juniors)
Exceptionally qualified and mature students may apply for admission after three years of secondary school work. Applicants must complete all procedures and satisfy all expectations for regular first-year admission. They must also include a letter explaining their reasons for entering college early, and their college counselor must also submit a statement supporting their early admission.

Home-Schooled Students
Applicants who have been home-schooled for all or some of their secondary education should provide a transcript which lists the subjects studied each year or other detailed documentation with a description of each course of study, major texts used, and/or literature read. Home-schooled students must submit the results from one or more standardized tests (SAT I, SAT II, ACT, AP or IB) and should complete an admission interview.

Transfer Admission
Students who seek to transfer after a semester or more of full-time work at another college or university can apply for entrance in fall, winter, or spring terms. Applications should be submitted according to the dates in the following table. Applications received after these dates will be considered as long as spaces remain available.

Transfer Admission Dates
Admission for Fall Term Winter Term Spring Term
Apply By April 1 November 1 January 15
Notification By May 15 November 15 February 1

Transfer Credit
Transfer credit is awarded for course work in the liberal arts and sciences taken at accredited colleges or universities. A final grade of “C” or better is required for credit. If not indicated on the transcript, a statement of good standing must be supplied from each institution previously attended. The Knox Registrar evaluates each transcript to determine which credits are accepted.

Note that 3.3 semester hours are equivalent to 1 Knox credit. To receive a Bachelor of Arts degree from Knox, students must earn at least 13.5 credits (one and one-half years of full-time course work) in residence at Knox College.

Campus Visits

The Office of Admission encourages interested students and their families to visit the campus. The best time to visit is when classes are in session. If you visit during an academic term, you are able to attend classes, talk with professors, and meet students, as well as tour the campus and complete an interview with an admission counselor. Throughout the year, campus tours and admission interviews are generally available.

For more information or to make arrangements for visiting campus, please contact the Office of Admission or visit our website at

For More Information

For complete application instructions and to apply online, visit

To request further information or to schedule a campus visit or interview, contact the Office of Admission at:

Office of Admission
Knox College
2 East South Street
Galesburg, Illinois 61401-4999

Telephone: 800-678-KNOX (toll free in U.S) or 309-341-7100
Fax: 309-341-7070

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