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Note: For updates please contact the Designated School Official, DSO

All international students and scholars in the United States on F-1 or J-1 status must report their length of stay for the previous calendar year, and income earned if applicable. The postmark deadline for filing taxes is April 15 of the current year. Length of stay must be reported by all international students using IRS Form 8843. If you earned less than $3,900 in 2013 and do not want a refund, this is the only form you need to file.

Income earned from on-campus work, CPT internship or OPT must be reported using IRS form 1040NR-EZ. Income earned must also be reported to the State of Illinois using form IL-1040, filing as if you were a state resident. Follow the links below to obtain forms and directions:

As soon as you have received your W-2 Wage and Tax Statement from the Knox College Business Office, you may file your federal and state tax returns. The W-2 Statement is provided in January and comes in a square envelope marked "Important Tax Return Document Enclosed."

You will need the following documents and information to file your taxes:

  • A calendar
  • Your passport, for dates of entry and departure from the U.S. during the tax year
  • Form IRS 1040NR-EZ (PDF)
  • Instructions IRS 1040NR-EZ (PDF)
  • Form IRS 8843 (PDF)
  • Illinois State tax form IL-1040 (PDF)
  • Instructions IRS IL-1040 (PDF)
  • Your W-2 statement from the Business Office

Please note the following guidance:

  • Read and complete each line of each form, entering a '0' or 'N/A' if the item doesn't apply.
  • Any items referencing Social Security, Medicare, credits, scholarships, grants, loans, schedules, worksheets, or estimated tax do not apply to you. Do not apply your refund to a future tax year.
  • Your identifying number is your SSN.
  • Your days in the U.S. as F-1 or J-1 are all exempt from the substantial presence test.
  • Your specialized program director is Joshua Ferchau.
  • Any sum that would be a negative number is entered as '0'.
  • Pay particular attention to the U Texas website if you are from India, Canada, or Mexico.
  • You claim 1 exemption yearly for federal or state taxes.

Your federal tax return is mailed to:
Internal Revenue Service Center
Austin, TX 73301-0215

Your state tax return is mailed to:
Illinois Department of Revenue
P.O. Box 1040
Galesburg, IL 61402-1040

Graduates on OPT, recent alumni, and students abroad:
Please note that it is your responsibility to make sure the Business Office or Alumni Office and the International Advisor have your current address. Students abroad and graduates in OPT status are obligated to file form 8843 to maintain good immigration status.

Recent alumni and those on OPT may have earned salaries requiring payment of taxes. If a Green Card or H1B status is in your future, it is important that you file a yearly tax return while in F-1 status. Remember to file an IRS tax return for the year you graduated and the year you completed your OPT.

Note: For updates please contact a Designated School Official, Josh Ferchau or Rebecca Eckart.

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