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You'll spend quite a bit of time at Knox either in class or preparing for class. Here are general items that students most frequently want to know.

How do I register for a course?
Pre-registration is done in the term before you leave campus for term breaks or during orientation if you are a first-year or transfer student. The first week of classes is the time to make any changes and confirm your registration online.

What do I do if I am closed out of a class?
When you are closed out, it means that you did not receive your preferred class. If you are closed out, you should meet with your adviser to choose an alternate class. This is called close-out enrollment. Close-out enrollment, which begins about three weeks after pre-registration opens, lasts until the end the term. Students are notified by e-mail one week after the end of pre-registration, if they have been closed out of a course.

How do I confirm registration for my courses?
All returning students except for those on off-campus programs must do registration check-in at some point during the first five class days of each term. For students registering after that time, a late fee will be imposed.

To do check-in, log into the Registrar's site using your Knox ID as your account name, and select the "Term check-in" link on the left panel. Follow the instructions on screen. It only takes a couple of minutes. Even if you are planning to change your courses later, you should go ahead and complete the check-in process.

What do I do if I want to change a class after pre-enrollment is closed?
Students already pre-registered for three classes are not permitted to make course changes until the drop-add period at the start of the next term. To do this, take a Change of Course form to the professor of the class you want to add, obtain his or her signature, fill in the info for the course you want to drop, and then take the form to your adviser for signature.

After your adviser has signed off on the change, you turn the form in to the Registrar's office for updating of your enrollment. Begin attending the new class as soon as the professor accepts you.

How do I know when I have exams?
Final exams take place over a three day period, and you will not have more than two exams on one day. Some classes may have a final paper or project instead of an examination.

Exams take place in the morning ( 8:30 a.m.), afternoon (1:30 p.m.), or in the evening (7:00 p.m.) depending on the class you're enrolled in. Be sure to read the e-mail from the Office of the Registrar for specific details. Exams may not be taken early in order to optimize travel plans.

What do I do if I need to miss class for athletics?
This is just a brief reminder that our policy at Knox is not to penalize students for absences necessitated by their participation in varsity athletic trips. Students should inform faculty in advance. We hasten to add that it remains the responsibility of students, who miss class because of games or meets out of town, to make up missed work.

When do I have vacation?

Knox has a six week winter break in late November through December, a week to 10 day spring break in March, and summer break from June through the first few days of September for returning students.

Can I stay on campus over break?
Students whose home address is outside the United States are able to stay in the Knox residence halls for all or part of spring and winter break if they wish, without charge. If you are planning to stay at Knox for ANY part of the holiday, you will need to stop by the Campus Life office in Seymour to sign up and let us know the dates you are staying. In this way, we are able to account for all students in the event of an emergency or security issue.

Students will be charged if they do not sign up in the Campus Life Office and are found to be on campus. If the room where you are living will be empty over break, make sure that your windows are closed and trash has been securely enclosed and placed in trash bins.

Can I stay on campus over the summer?
Knox College does not conduct summer classes. Students who wish to stay on campus over the summer are charged a monthly rent.

If you are not on campus, you may leave a minimal number of securely packed and labeled belongings in storage at no charge. If you have further questions please e-mail the Campus Life Office.

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