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Tuition Benefits for Knox Employees


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Tuition Remission at Knox

Dependent children and spouses/domestic partners of eligible employees and retirees receive full tuition remission at Knox. To receive this benefit, dependents must qualify for admission in a degree seeking program.

The tuition benefit does not cover activity fees, room charges, board charges, or mini-term tuition.

The tuition benefit can be used by students enrolled in one of the Knox off-campus programs in Barcelona, Buenos Aires and Besancon. However, the benefit may not be used for other off-campus programs. Students who wish to participate in other off-campus programs will still be considered for financial aid based on need provided he/she has completed the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

If the student is a full-time Knox degree seeking student, the student is required to apply, by the due dates, for the State of Illinois Monetary Award Program (MAP) grant, the federal Pell grant, and any tuition grants from other external sources for which the student is eligible. Any state and/or federal grant funds for which the student qualifies must be used to cover tuition charges, and the tuition benefit will be adjusted appropriately by the Office of Financial Aid. If a student is awarded a private scholarship(s) that stipulates it may be used to cover other educational expenses besides tuition, the scholarship will not offset the tuition benefit, unless the total of all awards exceeds the annual cost of attendance determined by Office of Financial Aid.

A benefit recipient who demonstrates financial need in excess of tuition will be offered a financial aid package which includes work and /or educational loans comparable to current financial aid policies.

Tuition Assistance at Other Colleges

A benefit of up to $500 per year is provided toward tuition costs per dependent child attending accredited educational institutions other than Knox and not part of the ACM TREP or the TE.

Eligible employees may receive up to $500 per year toward the tuition cost at accredited educational institutions other than Knox, if the course work counts toward a baccalaureate degree or post-secondary certificate program. Release-time from the employee's regular schedule is not included in this benefit.

Courses At Knox

Eligible employees may take one course per term with full tuition remission. Enrollment is contingent on space available in the class. Regular full-time degree seeking students have priority for classes. Arrangements should be made with the employee's supervisor before enrolling, with consideration given to work schedules and staffing of the department. Release time with pay is given to attend the class. All other work related to the class, such as library research, computer, lab, and any other assignments are to be done outside of work hours. Employees are not expected to make up the class time, but they are expected to get their job done and keep their work caught up without burdening other employees.

Learn more about eligibility and application for Knox tuition benefits.

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