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Financial aid awards may be appealed based on special circumstances. If a student wants his/her financial aid to be reviewed, the student and parent(s) (if applicable) should complete a Knox College Special Circumstances Form. Additional information and documentation may be required by the Office of Financial Aid.

The most common special circumstances are:

  • Unusual Medical/Dental Expenses: A student may wish to appeal if the family paid out over an average of $1,000 per family member in unreimbursed medical/dental expenses in the previous year. For documentation, the Office of Financial Aid requires either a Schedule A, as filed with a federal 1040, or an itemized list of medical/dental expenses paid out of pocket in the previous year, including insurance premiums. Expenses paid by medical savings through payroll deduction (cafeteria plan) should not be reported as they have already been excluded from income.
  • Private Elementary/Secondary School Tuition: Parents who pay private school tuition for family members other than the financial aid applicant may appeal by providing the amount of tuition paid, less any scholarships or discounts.
  • Educational Debt: Parents can appeal if they are making loan payments on their personal educational loans and/or PLUS loan payments for a child who is no longer in college. An allowance may be made for the amount of annual loan payments.
  • Reduced Parent/Student Income: Parents or students can appeal if current year income will be substantially less than previous year income. Appeals based on reduced income are generally not considered before July 1, except in unusual circumstances such as a parent's/student's permanent lack of employment (retirement, etc.). An explanation of the reason for reduced income must be submitted, including dates associated with the reduction. Also, previous year W-2s and federal tax information must be submitted with an appeal based on reduced income.

Appeals are handled in the order that they are received. Increases in financial aid eligibility that result from adjustments are met on a funds-available basis. Loan funds and a work award totaling maximum eligibility are usually packaged before additional grant aid is awarded.

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Printed on Monday, August 29, 2016

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