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The Logo Mark
The Signatures
Minimum Space Requirements
Minimum Size Restrictions
Unacceptable Signature Treatments
Color Reproduction Options

The Logo Mark

  • The only acceptable logo mark is pictured below. It may not be reconstructed or altered in any way. It must be reproduced from reproduction-quality art or from high-resolution digital files. (Download the Knox signature.)
  • The logo mark cannot be used without the logotype, except in special situations such as building signage. In these cases the logo mark and the Knox College name must remain consistent in proportion and position as described on pages 2.5 and 2.6 of the Graphic Standards manual.
  • Never crop any part of the logo mark.

Logo Mark (not for reproduction)

The Signatures
The Knox College Signature is the keystone of our visual identity and is used on all communications materials. Using it often and consistently enhances Knox's image and name recognition.

Two elements make up the Knox College identity signature:

  1. Knox College mark
  2. Knox College typography

Primary Signature (not for reproduction)

Secondary Signature (not for reproduction)

Minimum Space Requirements
As a general rule, maintain a minimum distance between any part of the signature and any other elements appearing with it or the edge of the page.

Minimum Size Restrictions
The Knox College logo mark should not appear any smaller than 2p2 (3/8") "X" dimension. Where "X" is the width of the Knox College logo mark.

Unacceptable Signature Treatments

  • Do not print the signature in black over a dark background. (example)
  • Do not change any color of the signature. (example)
  • Do not change the color of the signature typography. (example)
  • Do not print the reversed out signature onto a light or white background. (example)
  • Do not place signature over heavily patterned background. (example)
  • Do not screen any of the signature colors. (example)
  • Never configure the elements into a different signature. (example)
  • Never crop any part of the signature. (example)
  • Do not alter the proportions of the signature typography. (example)
  • Do not distort the signature. (example)
  • Never surround signature with other competing shapes. (example)
  • Never tilt the signature in any direction. (example)
  • Do not recreate the Knox College type or substitute another typeface. (example)
  • Do not duplicate any part of the signature to create a pattern. (example)

For all print applications:
Knox College Purple
PMS 268C or PMS 268U

Process Matching:
Cyan 86
Magenta 100
Yellow 0
Black 12

For Web applications:
Knox College Purple

Color Reproduction Options
Adhering to the following color reproduction guidelines will help create a consistent image and maintain the visual impact of the signature.

Full Color Reproduction:
When printing over a white background, the signature should be reproduced in full color.

Single Color Reproduction:
When appearing on a white or light background, the entire signature should be either black or PMS 268.

Colored Background:
When appearing on a dark, black, or Knox College purple background, the entire signature should reverse out to white.

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