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Publications Planning Form


Office of Communications

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Office of Communications

When requesting publication services, you will be asked to answer the following questions. A member of the communications staff will contact you for an intake meeting to discuss the project plan and prepare a timeline.

Intake Meeting Date: Participants:

Working Title:

Primary Audience: Who should this publication address?

Include specifics about the key messages this publication should convey and the action you hope the intended audience will take.

Any other publications that should coordinate with this:

Delivery Method:
Will this publication be personally delivered, mailed, put in a rack, etc.

Details, Details, Details…

Quantity ____________

Budget (How much do you have to spend?) _________

Account Number ____________________

Deadline for delivery _________________

Reviewers: Any other individuals who need to see this publication before final production:

Decisions (copy, artwork, photography, etc.)

Project Manager:


Preliminary Schedule:

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Printed on Thursday, October 23, 2014