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You've created your page, added copy, some photos, links, and a PDF or two. But you're not quite finished. There are a few more steps to take before your page will appear, as you intended, on the live site. The links to the left will take you through these final steps.

Checking Your Work

  • Spelling Once you are satisfied with the content of your page, you will want to check the spelling to make sure there are no obvious errors. Click the Spellcheck icon on the toolbar at the top and it will prompt you to correct any misspelled words.
  • Preview Now that you have checked your work, you will want to see how your page will look on the site. Click the Preview button on the toolbar. Your page will now appear, in a new window, as it will appear on the site. All content is rendered as it will be on the site, and all navigation will function as it will on the published site.

Advancing Your Page

Advance in WorkflowThe last step in the process is to advance your page in the workflow. Advancing the page sends it to the next step of publishing.

To advance the page, click the Advance in Workflow button on the Toolbar. Some departments have an approver, and some departments don't, so the author is able to send directly to publish. If you have an approver, you will need to select Send for Approval and choose your approver's name from the drop down box. If you do not have an approver, you will need to select Send to Publish and choose Tyler Emken from the drop down box. Once the publisher (Tyler) publishes the page, the page will be sent back to you, so you can make changes as needed in the future.

If your pages live in the "My.Knox - Offices & Services" folder in the CMS, you can self publish.  When finished with your work, check for errors and then select "Advance in Workflow" and select "Publish".  Choose your own name from the drop down box that appears so that your pages will remained assigned to you.

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Printed on Monday, April 27, 2015

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