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Using Images

Images make your page more attractive and engaging. It is important to think about who the audience for your page will be and ensure that the photo accurately reflects their experience at Knox.

To add a photo to your page, place the cursor within your text where you would like the photo to be located. Click on Insert/Edit Image from the toolbar. To view photos, choose Browse next to the Image URL box. You will find photos by expanding the Images folder.

Click on the photo you would like to use and choose Select. You will be taken back to the Insert/Edit Image dialog box.

Insert/Edit Image

You can make the following changes to your image under the Appearance tab:

Image propertiesAlignment: Choose from the Alignment drop-down to specify how the image will be aligned on the page and how text will wrap around the image. For example, choosing Right will align the image to the right edge of the page.

Space around the photo: Horizontal and vertical spacing sets the buffer, in pixels, around the image. This determines how close the text that wraps around the image will come to the image itself. Set horizontal and vertical at 5. You may need to adjust the size after you view the page layout in Preview.

Size: Do not change these dimensions. Image size needs to be changed in an image editor such as Photoshop.

Under the General tab:

Image Description: All images, whether photos, graphs or text images, should include an Image Description. Give the user information that is worthwhile, especially for the visually impaired. It is the function of the image that should be conveyed.