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To insert a hyperlink, first select the text you want to be the link. The text should not be lengthy, but should give the user an idea of what they will find when they click on the link. NEVER use "Click here" or "More" as link text. Right-click and choose Hyperlink from the menu.

An example of good text to link would be: This training will teach you about the Knox College Content Management System (CMS).
An example of bad text to link would be: Click here to learn about the Knox College Content Management System.

Insert/edit link

From here choose one of the following options:

  • Internal: Each page on the Knox site has its own x ID number. If you are linking to another page on the Knox site, find the number of the page you are linking to and enter the number (the x is optional). For example, if you were linking to the CMS Guide page, you would type x10960.
    Tip: If you are looking at the page you want to link to on the live site, go to the end of the full URL and type in ?tfrm=5 and hit enter. Toward the top, look for ID=x____ and that's your page number!  ALWAYS link to the x number, NEVER link to the full URL of a page on the Knox site, such as the one for the CMS Guide page: By doing this, you are not utilizing the CMS to do what its built to do, which is dynamically handle page relationships.
  • External: This will link you to a page outside the Knox College site. When you choose this option, http:// will render automatically. Simply type or paste the rest of the URL (e.g. Choose New Window for the Target field so that the page will open in a new window and not take users away from the Knox site.
  • Document: To link to a PDF stored in the system, choose Document. Use the browse tool to find the document in the CMS. Make sure you choose New Window for the Target field. After you have placed the link on the page, enter (PDF) after the link.
  • E-mail: Choose this option if you would like to link to an individual's e-mail address. Type the e-mail address for the URL. Also, make sure you choose New Window for the Target field.

To remove a link, highlight the linked text and right-click to choose Unlink.

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