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Logging into the CMS

To log in to the CMS, open whatever browser you are comfortable with. The CMS is compatible with nearly all browsers on a Mac or PC. Enter your e-mail address for username, followed by your password.

We recommend bookmarking the CMS URL in your browser. If you cannot remember the URL, please contact Web Content Specialist Tyler Emken at 309-341-7717.


This area at the top of the screen contains the command buttons that you will use as you create pages.

New: The New button allows you to create a new page.

Save: This causes your work to be saved to the server. It's a good idea to click Save whenever you have completed a substantial portion of work that you don't want to lose.

Advance in Workflow: Once you click this button, you will have the option to Send for Approval. This will transition the page to the next work state. You will then choose the individual to whom you would like to advance the page.

Spellcheck: Click this button to check the spelling on your current page.

Preview: Clicking the Preview button will provide a rendering of the current page as it will look when published. This preview is completely functional, with all navigation and links working as they will on the published page.

Assets: The Assets button allows you to import images and other media into the content repository, which you can later use as components in your pages.

Go To bar: Enter the x-number in the box, such as "x1234", to be taken to that page in the CMS.

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