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Creating a New Page

Before you create a page in the CMS, you should create the content first as a Microsoft Word document. Do not use the CMS to create a draft form of your page.

Creating a New Page
Once the copy has been created and approved, you are ready to place the page within the CMS. First, click on the page within the content tree (Site tab) under which you would like the page to reside. Right-click on the page, choose New, then Page. You will see a dialog box to create the page

  1. Enter the Name of your page. The name is used to identify the page in your Assignments list and Site Map. It is also used to display the name of the page on the website navigation bar. (You can change the name later if you wish.)
  2. From the Select Type menu, choose the page type you wish to use. Most authors will use the Section Detail or Department Detail Page.
  3. Click Create.

Creating a New Page

For instructions on entering content, go to Editing a Page.