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Classwork Involving Community Service

Educational Studies

EDUC 201 School and Society (1)
Acquaints students with the forces that have shaped the formation of American public education and explores the social context of which schools are a part. The relationships between the school and the wider social, political, economic, and cultural forces are explored. Course includes 20 hours of service at a local social service agency. HSS; Prereq : sophomore standing; or permission of the instructor; DV; Cross Listing : ANSO 201; J.Helfer; staff.;

EDUC 208 Reading & Writing Across the Content Areas (1/2)
This course focuses on the uses of writing and reading as ways to learn across the curriculum. Educators interested in elementary through high school instruction, in all content areas, will learn about ways to set up a classroom, assess student readiness levels, analyze this assessment, and plan instruction to maximize student learning. Reading and writing strategies students can use will also be examined.S.Schroth; Beginning Fall 2009 - the students who have completed this course wull be elegible for the Knox College GEM Program: Galesburg Enrichment Mentors for Knox County students grades 6-8.


PSYC 273 Psychological Foundations of Education (1)
An examination of human learning from a variety of perspectives. Learning is viewed as a process that occurs formally in settings such as schools, as well as informally in daily human experience. Where appropriate, topics in human development are related to theories of learning. In addition to class work, students work in local classrooms for a minimum of 25 hours. Prereq : sophomore standing or permission of the instructor; Cross Listing : EDUC 204; D.Beck;

PSYC 355 Internship in Psychology (1/2 or 1)
Internships in psychology are designed to give students practical, applied experience in a field of psychology related to their career interests. These internships are student-initiated and in most cases the internship site is identified by the student rather than the supervising faculty member. Part of the internship experience requires the student to produce written work that is evaluated by the Knox faculty. Prereq : junior standing; May be repeated for a maximum of 1.0 credit. The course is graded on an S/U basis; Staff

Anthropology & Sociology 

ANSO 280 -ANSO 281 Social Service Internship (1)
This course combines experiential learning and academic study to investigate the practical, social and theoretical issues of social work. At the beginning of this two-term, two-credit course sequence, students are placed as interns in local social service organizations. Students have interned with a wide variety of populations (e.g. the elderly, the developmentally delayed, at-risk teens, domestic violence victims) across a broad range of issues and practices (e.g. teen reproductive health and education, public housing, Teen Court, individual counseling, legal assistance). In the classroom, students discuss and analyze their internship experiences, while also exploring the principles of introductory social work practice. Prereq : junior standing; ANSO 215 recommended. ANSO 280 is a prerequisite for ANSO 281.; DV; C.St. Amant;

Computer Science 

CS 322 Software Engineering (1)
Building large-scale computing systems uses requirements analysis, project planning, extensive documentation, cooperative teamwork, and design techniques to decompose a system into independent units. The course covers all the phases of large-scale system development. Different development models are examined including the waterfall model, the spiral mode, rapid prototyping, and extreme programming. Students typically work together in teams to build a term-long project, gaining practical experience with developing larger systems. Prereq : CS 292; O; W; J.Dooley;

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