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Receiving Mail

All mail for the Knox campus is received at the Mailroom in Seymour Union. This includes all letters and packages, no matter what delivery service is used. No mail is delivered to residences or individual offices.

U.S. Mail is delivered to the mailroom every morning to be sorted and distributed to campus mailboxes.

UPS, Federal Express, other courier-delivered mail and all parcels that are unable to fit in a mailbox are logged in and a notice is placed in the addressee's mailbox. A signature is required to pick up these items.

Package Notices
If you receive an item that's too large for your campus mailbox, the package will be held in the Mailroom and a notice will be placed in your box. Please bring the package notice with you when you come to pick up your package. The color of the notice indicates the kind of package:

Gold: Package delivered via US Mail or UPS
Tan: Intracampus package
Purple: Registered, certified, insured, express or overnight mail

Vacation and summer procedures
Toward the end of fall and spring terms, the Mailroom will distribute forwarding cards in the student mailboxes. Please note the following:

  • The card will show your permanent address. 
  • If this is the address that you want your mail forwarded to, and you are returning next fall, please mark the appropriate space, sign and date the card, and return it to the Mailroom. 
  •  If you wish your mail to be sent to a different address, supply that information on the lines provided. Be sure to indicate if this is a permanent change. 
  • If you intend to continue picking up mail in your campus box for the break, mark the appropriate space. The mail from your box will need to be picked up regularly. 
  • Be sure to mark whether or not you'll be returning next term. 
  • Be sure to sign and date the card. 
  • Return the card to the Mailroom before finals. 
  • If you do not return your card to the Mailroom, your mail will be forwarded to the address shown on your card.

Because of space limitations, Knox is unable to hold student mail over the summer. If students are unable to either pick up mail, or to forward it, they should see the Mailroom supervisor. Students who expect to receive tests or other papers after leaving campus should leave a large self-addressed stamped envelope with the appropriate professor.

Graduates who will be returning to campus and need to keep a campus mailbox must notify the Mailroom supervisor in writing or by e-mail within one week after graduation. Please include name and box number, and the reason for staying on campus.

Correct Addressing

The most common reason mail does not reach its destination is an error in the address. Always make sure that the address is complete, with:

  • Apartment numbers, street direction (i.e. East, West, etc.) whenever applicable
  • Street designation (i.e. Street, Avenue, Drive, etc.) whenever applicable
  • For international mail, always place the name of the country (in English) as the last line of the address
  • Always include your return address in the top left corner of the letter or package.

Use this form for your address at Knox College:

Your Name
Knox College Box 1234
2 E. South St
Galesburg, IL 61401-4999