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Office of Instructional Technology Support

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The Office of Instructional Technology Support (OITS) strives to support the work of faculty and students in teaching, learning, research, creative work, basic technology and collaboration. OITS develops, coordinates and supports the use of hardware and software for innovative and appropriate use within the learning community in all curricular areas. OITS promotes forward thinking and works to provide reliable and responsive technology for use in teaching and learning.

The Office of Instructional Technology Support provides access to training for all faculty and students from the level of basic skills to more advanced utilization of computing and network resources. These include:

  • Learning Management Software (moodle)
  • Web page development and design
  • Creating online surveys
  • Poster publishing for conference presentations and coursework
  • Video and image capture and editing
  • Creating podcasts
  • Creating DVDs

OITS helps to empower faculty and students to explore new uses of technology and creatively integrate technology with academic goals.

Contact or the Help Desk at 309-341-7700 for more information.

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Printed on Tuesday, January 27, 2015

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