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New Users
Are you new to Knox? If so, you should reset your password as soon as possible. Please refer below to Resetting your Password.

About your Knox Password

Your Knox network password allows you to access a broad range of services on campus, from printers to servers and access to the Internet. Because it is used to access so many vital resources, the security of your password is a critical concern for each user. As part of this security process, new users will be required to change their password periodically. Passwords must also meet our password complexity requirements.

Your Knox network password is used to access your personal computer, e-mail, and many network locations and services. It is different from some other passwords you use.

Your Knox network password is used for:

  • E-mail access
  • Printing (especially for Macs)
  • VPN access
  • Access to Home/Departmental accounts
  • Wireless connections
  • Bradford registration
  • Mobile devices used to access the Knox wireless network, e-mail, and calendars
  • Registrar
  • Logging onto your work computer (Knox Faculty and Staff only)

Your network password is not used for:

  • CX (CARS): Changing of CX passwords must be completed within the CX system.
  • E-Time: This password is managed by the Payroll Department.
  • External services, (e.g., GMail, Ebay, MSN, etc.): Your passwords are for those accounts only and are unrelated to your Knox network password.
Password Reset Site
Our password resest site,, offers a "self-service" way for you to reset your password. This is particularly useful when you are of-campus or when you have forgotten your password. You may use the password reset site from anywhere you have Internet access. To use the site, you must first register on on the site and setup your security questions and answers.

Need to reset your password now?
If you are familiar with the password reset process, click on the link below to reset your password:
Note: Remember that you must clear your memorized passwords in all applications and devices after you reset your password, (e.g., Thunderbird, Zindus, e-mail capable cell phone, etc.).
Resetting your password
Instructions for resetting passwords vary by user group and whether you are using college-owned or personal machines to access the Knox network. Follow the appropriate link below:

After you reset your password
After you reset your password, you MUST reset your password in your e-mail client, directory, calendar, mobile device, and any other client that you have entered and "remembered" your password. For the e-mail client (Thunderbird) and directory (Zindus) follow the directions below:

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Printed on Wednesday, December 17, 2014