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Off-Campus VPN Network Access

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While off-campus Knox College users can access campus network computer services including department servers, home accounts, and the registrar, via a virtual private network (VPN) connection.

Note: These instructions will not work when you are on campus.

Accessing the Network

  1. Using your Web browser, go to
  2. loginOn the log-in screen (screenshot at right), enter your standard network username and password
  3. Select your group from the pop-up menu:
  4. Click Login.

Available Network Services

Once logged in you will see the screen below. The options will vary depending on the group (faculty, staff, or student) you are a member of.


Home and Browse Network
You will be provided with servers that you have access to including "Departments", "Euclid", "Faculty/Staff/Student Home Accounts", and the Registrar Web Site. Click the link to the destination you want to browse, then click through the hierarchy to the file you want to access. If the link to the destination is not present, there are further instructions on the VPN screen. You may then copy files from/to your home computer to the directory you selected (with appropriate permissions). From the "Browse Network" link you may also "Browse all Networks" as you would on campus.

Web Applications
You may connect to the Registrar's Site from here. You may also enter a URL in the Address field in the page, select https:// or http://, and click Browse.

Any Connect
Should only be used to access CARS or to use the Knox SMTP server for Thunderbird ( If you select and install Any Connect the computer you are using must meet the same requirements as your office computer. You will be moved through Bradford Scanning, where your computer will be checked for all security updates and an updated version of Sophos anti-virus protection. Moving through this process is a bit tricky. If you need to use this option please contact a member of user services to assist you. You may also access CARS and your Thunderbird e-mail by connecting to your office computer via remote desktop.

Terminal Servers
This allows you to establish a Remote Desktop connection to a computer/server on the Knox Network . Your office computer will need to be configured to allow remote connections, and be left powered on. If you currently connect to your office computer using remote desktop from home you will now be able to use this link. Terminal Servers currently works to connect from your off-campus PC or Mac to a Windows PC on campus.

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