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Accessing Guest Wireless Service

A view of the Gizmo patio from above.

1. Connect to the Guest Wireless Service network

WindowsPC users:

  • Open the Wireless Network Connection control panel
  • Choose Knox-Guest from the list of available networks

MacOS users:

  • Open the AirPort control menu
  • Choose Knox-Guest from the available networks

2. Register your computer

  • Open Web browser and go to
    You will be directed to the network access registration page.
  • Review the College's Acceptable Use Policy, then select "Accept" and click "Next"
  • Choose "Guests who have a temporary account" under Guests With An Account.
  • Enter your guest credentials in the User Name and Password fields, and fill in the Reason for Visit.
    Click download.
  • The network will run a brief registration process to attach you to the network. 
  • When it is finished, you are ready to access the Guest Wireless Service network.
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Printed on Monday, April 27, 2015

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