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Guest Wireless Service

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Guests to the Knox College campus can be provided with Internet access during their visit. The service provides continuously available wireless access on the entire campus for individuals and small groups using their own computer equipment. Access is provided to individuals sponsored by faculty and staff who are working with the College or members of the community. These include:

  • Guest lecturers, artists, and performers;
  • Visiting scholars working with faculty or students;
  • Vendors and members of the media here at the request of the College;
  • Other individuals working with members of the community on specific projects.
  • Members of the general public attending sporting events or other on-campus activities would generally not be eligible for guest access.

For larger groups and for special on-campus events, please see our Event Wireless Service page.

Request Service

To request Guest Wireless Service, contact the Information Technology Services Help Desk (x7700). You will need to provide the name of the guest and a cell phone number where they can be reached. You will be sent a unique guest log-in and instructions. Click the link below to access instructions.

Guest Wireless Service Guidelines

  • Guest access is available for 1, 3, or 7 seven days per request at your discretion. Please be conservative and request only the minimum required duration.
  • If access will be required for an extended period, the sponsor should contact Information Technology Services to make arrangement.
  • To keep the Knox network secure, we provide guests with Internet access only. No access is provided or possible to printers, administrative systems and functions, and College servers (beyond those normally accessible from the Internet).
  • Guest Wireless Service cannot be used by students, faculty, and staff using permanent accounts.
  • Information Technology Services will provide limited Help Desk support during normal hours only. This support will be limited and cannot supersede the support we normally provide to the College community.
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