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Wireless Networking at Knox

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Knox College maintains wireless network access in all College-owned residence halls, academic buildings, and a majority of the campus green spaces. Network access is also available in the College's public computer labs. Wireless is the primary means of accessing all network services on the Knox College campus.

Hardware requirements
Your wireless network card or built-in wireless card must support the following:

  • 802.11g and/or 802.11n protocol(s). To ensure optimal connectivity and performance, we strongly recommend 802.11n wireless cards.
  • WiFi Protected Access (WPA and/or WPA2)
  • All devices must connect directly to the wireless network, not via a router or other access point. Hubs and personal wireless access points or routers are not permitted and will not connect to the Knox network.

Connecting to the network

See links below for configuration instructions for your particular system. Note: You will also need to ensure your system has the proper anti-virus software installed and configured.
Note: New students or faculty should see the New Users page for additional instructions on accessing the network.

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Printed on Tuesday, March 31, 2015

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