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Web Accounts

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Web accounts are used to store files and documents for a Web page. Information Technology Services sets up Web accounts on request from any Knox faculty, student, or staff. Setting up a Web account creates a folder in the corresponding home account or department directory where files can be uploaded and updated from any computer on campus or off-campus via FTP.

Accessing Web Accounts
Web accounts are located in different locations based on their owner. The Web account folder is normally named "public_html" but is occassionally different; Information Technology Services will give you the correct name.


Setting Up Web Pages

You can use any HTML editing software you wish to prepare your Web pages and graphics. Many free and commercial applications are available for both Windows and Mac systems; Nvu is recommended by the Help Desk.

Tips on utilizing your Web account:

  • The Web account folder contains the live Web content, so any changes you make are immediately viewable to to users on the Web.
  • The initial page of your website must be titled index.html. If there is no index.html page, browsers will need to know specific file names within your Web directory to view its content.
  • You are free to build the hierarachy of pages any way that you wish. Remember, however, the more folders and subfolders you create, the more you will have to deal with elaborate paths for your links.
  • Always copy (or cut) and paste when moving files or folders to or between any directories on the network. Failure to do so may result in files that are inaccessible or that prompt for password verification through the Web.
  • Never replace the public_html folder (or its equivalent in departmental accounts); this folder has special permissions set which will be lost if it is replaced.
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