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Supported Operating Systems and Hardware

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IMPORTANT! Backup Hardware and Software

The most critical need of any computer user is a method for backing up your data.  Each year we see 5 to 10 students whose computer's have crashed (typically at finals) and the student has had no backup available.

  1. Locally installed backup software unitlizing an external hard drive.
  2. A cloud based solution -
    • Knox's Google Apps agreement allows for up to 30 GB of cloud based storage per user.
    • Any other online backup service.
  3. We do not encourage USB flash drive for backups.
    • This method is at risk as these devices are easily lost or damaged.

Supported Operating Systems

At present, we require Windows users to run Windows 8, Windows 8.1,  Windows 7 Home, Professional or Ultimate.   XP is no longer supported. Windows 10 Beta has been released but is NOT supported by the Knox network. Please do not install Windows 10. 


Apple OS 10.8 (Mountain Lion), 10.9 (Mavericks), and 10.10 (Yosemite) are supported by the Knox network.

Other Operating Systems

Machines running LINUX, BeOS or any other UNIX oriented operating system may connect to the network provided they have the correct hardware and software.

Knox does not support these operating systems.  

Hardware Recommendations
Intel Core i5 or i7 | 4 GB RAM | 80 GB Drive
Internal Wireless Card
Sophos Antivirus
Intel Core i5 or i7 | 4 GB RAM | 80 GB Drive
Internal Airport Card
Sophos Antivirus

Wireless Networking
Personal computers must have wireless networking capability.  Note: Each machine brought to campus must connect directly to the Knox network. Hubs and personal wireless access points/routers are not permitted and will not allow network connectivity. More on Wireless Networking

Virus Prevention
The College provides free Sophos AntiVirus software for Windows and Macintosh computers. All users MUST install and use the Sophos software. This software is distributed to students with instructions on how to install it and must be installed prior to attaching to the network. The software is also provided to faculty and staff for installation on their personal machines. More Virus and Safe Computing Resources

IMPORTANT: Personally owned computers found not to be in compliance with the above requirements will be disconnected from the College Data Network until ITS examines the machine and verifies that the antivirus software is installed and functioning correctly, all required patches have been installed and there are no open shares. A $50 fee will be assessed for this service. The College requires the College provided antivirus software on all computers attaching to the network.
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