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Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Creative Work

As a student, you'll find that we offer a number of opportunities to pursue independent research, scholarly, and creative projects.

Marika Takemura '14

Marika Takemura '14

Chemistry major

Marika's Honors research, which began as a series of independent studies with Professor Helen Hoyt, involves making new anhydrous compounds of iron complexes that promote green chemistry. Upon graduation, Marika hopes to become a medical research scientist through an M.D.-Ph.D. program.


Honors Program
Our Honors Program helps outstanding seniors devote a substantial part of their final year in full-scale independent research, scholarship, or creative work under the guidance of an interdisciplinary faculty committee. You'll defend your projects or have them critiqued before a qualified outside examiner, modeling the dissertation defense model of many grad programs. Often, Honors projects can jump start you into a meaningful career or top-notch grad program.


Ford Fellowship
Each year, juniors with strong academic records are nominated by faculty to apply for the Ford Fellowship program. Approximately 10 students are selected by a committee of three faculty and the director of the Gerald and Carol Vovis Center for Research and Advanced Study. As a Ford Fellow, you'll participate in a weekly seminar covering topics related to successfully attaining an advanced degree and preparing for a career in academia. In addition, Ford Fellows receive a sizeable stipend to pursue an independent research, scholarly, or creative project -- usually over the course of the summer before your senior year. Many Ford Fellows continue their work through the Honors program during their senior year.


Richter Scholarship
Since 1995, the Richter Memorial Trusts have provided more than $1.25 million to support students pursuing projects that foster independence of thought and expression beyond the classic classroom setting. Funds have supported student travel to other countries, research internships, and the purchase of materials, supplies, or equipment to pursue your ambitious independent projects. And, any student in any discipline is eligible to apply for funds from the Richter program. A portion of Richter funds is allocated to support our Honors and Ford Fellowship programs.


Other Funds and Awards
Thanks to the generosity of our alumni, numerous endowed funds are awarded to students both to conduct work and in recognition of work accomplished. View a full list of available funds and awards.  


Beyond Knox: Opportunities and Awards After Graduation
Many opportunities await you after graduation. Students have taken advantage of Fulbrights, Javits, NSF Graduate Fellowships, and many other grants and fellowships to advance their education and careers. Check out our graduate fellowships.

If you don't find the opportunity you are looking for through the links above, please contact the Vovis Center to discuss your interests.