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Center for Intercultural Life


Center for Intercultural Life


2 East South Street

Galesburg, IL 61401-4999


309-341-7385 (fax)


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Diversity is an important part of the Knox experience: drawing from 48 states and 51 countries, Knox's student body is a wonderful mix of cultures and backgrounds. The Center for Intercultural Life works to meet the needs and concerns of multicultural students, women, and international students. The Center for Intercultural Life is part of the Knox College Office of Student Development.

Multicultural Students

Multicultural students at Knox College compose more than 20% of the population. These students, while in touch with their cultural background, continue to explore other cultures and environments. More

International Students

The Center provides a range of support and services to ease international students' transition to living and studying in the United States, including a special orientation session for new students. More

  • Before You Arrive: Quick tips on visas, schedules and travelling to Knox.
  • International House: Co-educational, intercultural residence center that fosters a celebration of cultural traditions.
  • Human Rights Center: An outlet for progressive thought, open-minded discussions, and human rights activism.
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