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Faculty, staff, students, and visitors are encouraged to report all crimes and public safety related incidents and/or suspicious activity to the Knox College Department of Campus Safety or the Galesburg Police Department and/or Public Safety in a timely manner. Prompt reporting will ensure inclusion in the annual crime statistics and will aid in providing timely warning notices to the community when necessary.

Reporting may be accomplished by contacting the Department of Campus Safety at 309-341-7979 for direct contact with the Campus Safety duty officer. If there is an emergency which may require police, fire, or medical response, please call 911 from any campus telephone including any one of the 44 emergency telephones located throughout the campus.

If you are unsure what you have witnessed or experienced is a crime, please contact Campus Safety for assistance. Campus Safety officers are available 24 hours a day to answer requests for service/assistance. In response to such requests, the Campus Safety duty officer will dispatch an officer to the campus location specified, meet the caller at the Campus Safety Office (368 S.Prairie), or provide assistance in contacting the appropriate public safety agency. Response time may be affected by various factors, such as the number and location of available personnel and/or their involvement at the time a report is received.

Response to an incident may also involve other college personnel such as Campus Life, Counseling Services, and/or an outside law enforcement agency or other public safety agents in the event that an incident requires specialized services beyond the capabilities of Campus Safety.

All incident reports (criminal or policy violations) are forwarded to the Office of Student Development for review and appropriate follow-up.

You may also report to Campus Safety confidentially (please refer to the section Reporting Crimes on a Confidential Basis for more information).

*Please note: All calls made to the 309-341-7979 number are generally routed to a Campus Safety cell phone carried by the safety duty officer. During some high call volume periods, simultaneous calls may be routed to the Campus Safety radio system. Calls routed in this manner must be answered on the Campus Safety radio which restricts two persons from talking at the same time (in effect both parties will be required to speak as if BOTH were on a portable, two-way, radio versus telephone). Additionally, calls routed to the radio system are restricted to a 60-second communication period which requires that the conversation must end within the 60 second period.

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