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Safety Awareness

During the annual new student orientation in September, students are informed of services provided by the Department of Campus Safety. The department, in cooperation with the Office of Student Development, discusses crime on and off the Knox campus.

Travel Safety

Students preparing to participate in a study abroad program are also provided an expanded presentation similar to the information discussed at the student orientation program but with an emphasis on issues that may confront the student while in a different city or country. Students may also contact Campus Safety individually to discuss concerns regarding safety matters in specific areas.

Whistle Program

This program provides a high-quality brass whistle to students and employees. Those participating in the program are asked to carry their whistles with them at all times and to blow the whistle if there may be a threat to themselves or another. Persons who may hear the whistle are instructed to go to the nearest emergency telephone and call Campus Safety and/or 911. Persons using the whistle under any conditions other than those specified above will be referred to the Office of Student Development for potential disciplinary action.

Alcohol & Drug Awareness

The Department of Campus Safety, in cooperation with the Office of Student Development, will provide programmatic initiatives in order to reduce the consumption of alcohol and other drugs by Knox students. Both departments participate in local educational programs that are designed to assist with the development of excessive use/anti-abuse efforts by persons in the Galesburg and Knox communities. On-campus programs include training residential advisors (RAs) in alcohol and other drug prevention efforts. RAs provide educational programming to first-year students in an attempt to educate students on the health risks associated with such consumption. Alcohol education is also a key part of new student orientation during fall term. Additionally, head resident staff also receive training in the health risks associated with the consumption of alcohol and other drugs.

Sexual Assault Prevention

Sexual assaults continue to be a serious concern facing many campuses today. This crime is believed to be underreported which may indicate that the number of incidents may actually be higher than officially noted. To undescore this concern of the Knox campus, the College offers programs dealing with issues relating to sexual assault prevention. During new student orientation, the Office of Student Development sponsors a program entitled "Sex Signals" which combines interactive theatre with issues of sexual assault and alcohol abuse. This program is offered for all first-year students during orientation. The Department of Campus Safety, in cooperation with the Office of Student Development, has and will continue to provide programs dealing with the issues of sexual assault prevention which has addressed the issues of rape, acquaintance rape, date rape drugs, as well as other forcible and non-forcible sex offenses.

Self Defense

The Department of Campus Safety presents a Self-Defense Awareness and Familiarization Exchange (S.A.F.E) program upon request. The three-hour awareness program was developed by the National Self Defense Institute Inc. of Miami, Florida. The S.A.F.E program is recognized by the Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) System as a less time restrictive program, which demonstrates and uses many of the same defensive maneuvers as the RAD class.

Special Programs

Crime prevention and personal safety programs are available throughout the academic year and may be independently designed to address a specific need or concern. The programs may address a wide range of topics, including, but not limited to: crime prevention awareness, sexual assault and abuse, drug and alcohol abuse, date rape drug awareness, and theft prevention. Students are encouraged to contact the director of campus safety at 309-341-7255 to discuss the development of specialized programs.


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