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Access to Campus Facilities


Office of Campus Safety

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College facilities exist to support the institution's principal function of teaching, research, and service. In addition to classrooms, labs, and offices, the College has housing, food service, recreation, athletics, administrative support, maintenance, and utility facilities. The institution generally seeks to maintain open access to its facilities, but it reserves the right to restrict access. Access to laboratory, service, maintenance, and utility facilities is restricted for safety and operational reasons.

When buildings have been secured, a campus safety officer may be requested to provide after hours access provided that the requesting party has obtained proper faculty and/or institutional authorization.

Access to student housing facilities is controlled; doors remain locked 24 hours a day. Security procedures used in the maintenance of campus facilities involve coordination between the Residential Life Office and Facilities Services. A member of Campus Safety or Residential Life will attempt to be present while emergency repairs are being completed. Off campus maintenance personnel are not allowed access to residential halls without coordination between and permission from the directors of facilities services and campus safety.

Any person, who has demonstrated an inability or unwillingness to comply with College policy or applicable law, may be "banned" from campus. Such notice, which is generally issued by the director of campus safety and/or the office of the dean of students, denies access to all College property and facilities.

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