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Faculty & Staff Accounts

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Faculty and Staff may purchase Flex Dollars to be attached to their personal ID cards. These Flex Dollars may be purchased in the Dining Service Office in $25 increments. You may also purchase Flex Dollars on-line through the Dining Service GET Funds (insert link to page X40299). The Flex Dollars may be used at all Dining Service facilities, the Bookstore and to make copies on the College Copiers. Copies are charged at $.05 per copy.

Department Copies

Copy Cards are issued to departments at the request of the department chair. Cards may be requested from Vicki Trant in the business office. Submit the department name, account number and the name of the individual who will be responsible for that card. Upon leaving the College, the card should be returned to the department chair. The department chair should keep a schedule of all cards issued for their department. The copies will be charged to the department at the end of each month at a rate of $.05 per copy.

Lost Cards

If a card is lost, the cardholder should contact Margie Kain in Dining Services at 309-341-7785 so that the card can be deactivated. If it is determined the card is permanently lost, a replacement will be issued at a cost of $7.50. (The original card will remain deactivated)

Personal Copies

Individuals may use their personal ID cards to make copies on the copy machines If they have purchased Flex Dollars . The copies will be charged to the Flex Dollars at a rate of $.05 per copy.

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