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Office of Academic Assessment

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Assessment Of Academic Programs

(Departments and interdisciplinary programs)

The Knox College Guide to Academic Program Assessment (PDF) is a concise yet thorough guide, designed to lead faculty through each step of the assessment process. While the guide focuses on assessment to be carried out at the program level, individual faculty may use these same approaches, strategies, and methods to conduct assessment within individual courses. A copy of the Guide has been distributed to all faculty (purple cover, spiral bound), and is also available for download above. Also helpful is this essay by Barbara Walvoord, "How to Construct a Simple, Sensible, Useful Departmental Assessment Process" (PDF).

The American Association of Colleges and Universities Rubrics: The AAC&U has created 15 rubrics to assess various aspects of liberal education. These are available to faculty to use and/or modify as appropriate.

Additional documents that may be helpful for more specific tasks:

Need help with assessment? Contact  a member of the the AAG (Assessment Advisory Group) or Leah Adams-Curtis, director of assessment.

External Program Review

Every seven years, each academic program will complete a self-study and undergo an external review. The Knox College Program Review Guide (PDF) is designed to help guide Knox programs through the review cycle. For that portion of the review that concerns assessment, programs are referred back to the Guide to Academic Program Assessment.

Need help with program review? Contact Professor Michael Schneider, coordinator of program reviews.

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