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Foundation Goals


A Knox student is meant to develop a free intellect, to cultivate a mind capable of responding with thoughtfulness and with a sense of context and balance to events in the world. With this as goal in mind, courses in the Humanities bring students into contact with the range of human possibilities, especially those not formerly known to them. In part, study in the Humanities fosters an understanding about human experience, thought, and emotion over many centuries and across many areas of the world. Particular attention is often paid to how ideas of the individual and the personal are involved in the course of human history. Humanistic disciplines also bring students into a dialogue (real or virtual) with others and help them to explore tensions between notions of "self" and "other." Students of the Humanities at Knox learn to pull apart ideas, writings, and works of art in order to study them and to ask pertinent questions of them with the additional goal of formulating responses-even if tentative responses-to such questions. Also essential to this study is communicating thoughtful, often analytical responses to such questions, and such communication (whether oral or written) is increasingly refined as levels of thinking, writing, and speaking are refined in a given course of study.

Learning Goals

At the completion of a Foundations course in the Humanities students will be able to:

  1. Articulate questions of ongoing human significance that arise from the study of art, culture, literature, events, or ideas;
  2. Recognize the relationship between the individual and cultural, historical, or theoretical frameworks
  3. Construct and defend an interpretation using evidence and argument in written or oral communication.