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Foundation Goals


The arts epitomize the creative impulse and are part of what makes us human. Art both shapes our understanding of the world and imagines what that world can be. In creating out of human experience, artists work in dialogue with nature, culture, and history. Artistic thinking is rooted in a keen aesthetic attentiveness and a dynamic interplay of sensibilities and skills, including memory, imagination, intuition, invention, empathy, feeling, and embodied practice. Study in the arts is valuable not only for the aspiring artist, but for all who strive to become inventive problem-solvers and innovative thinkers.

Students who complete the Arts Foundations requirement will explore the arts through both creative participation and analysis, demonstrating preliminary understandings of artistic practice, creative thought, and cultural or critical contexts.

Learning Goals

By exploring the arts through analysis and engagement in the processes of creative writing, visual arts, or performing arts, students who complete the Arts Foundations requirement will be able to:

  1. Engage in creative practice through the manipulation of an artistic medium.
  2. Articulate understandings of the methods, forms, and ideas associated with a discipline within the Arts.