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FP 2012

Interested in learning more about the FP assessments completed for Fall of 2012? The information provided to all faculty who taught FP in the fall of 2012 is found in 2012 Assessment Report to FP Faculty. Detailed information regarding the completed assessments are found in the subsequent links. The instruments are also available for your information.

2012 FP Assessment Report to FP Faculty Protected Reports

2012 FP Assessment Presentation to FP Faculty Protected Reports 

2012 FP Assessment Presentation to All Faculty Protected Reports

2012 FP Kant Discussion Report Protected Reports

2012 FP Evaluation Survey Protected Reports

2012 FP Faculty Survey Protected Reports

2012 FP Writing Rubric Protected Reports

2012 FP Academic Integrity Pre-Test Protected Reports

2012 FP Academic Integrity Post-Test Protected Reports

Protected Icon Note: all reports are password protected. Such reports are confidential and for internal college use only.

If you have any additional questions please contact Leah Adams-Curtis, director of assessment.