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A. Admissions

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Faculty Regulations

A 1 Admission as First-Year Students. Fifteen units of academic secondary school credit shall be required for admission to the College. A unit consists of a year of study.

A 1.1 These fifteen units must be chosen from the following subjects: English, fine arts, foreign language, history, mathematics, natural science, and social science. The Director of Admissions may waive the requirement in specific subjects.

A 1.2 Applicants should rank in the upper half of their high school graduating class. Under exceptional circumstances students ranking below the middle of their high school class may be admitted.

A 1.3 From time to time the Admission, Retention and Placement Committee will review and recommend specific course distributions for admission to the College. These recommendations, in writing, will be sent to the Director of Admission as a guide for admission. In addition, these recommendations will be sent to the President of the College and reported to the Faculty for inclusion in the Faculty Minutes.

A 2 Admission with Advanced Standing. Students from other accredited colleges may be admitted and appropriate credit granted for courses which correspond to or are the equivalent of courses offered by the College.

A 2.1 Not more than one-half the total credit required for the degree may be granted for work taken at a junior college.

A 2.2 An entering student may be given credit for courses covered by established examinations, such as Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, or A-level examinations, according to standards established by the Curriculum Committee.

A 2.3 Students of the following community colleges who have satisfactorily completed the baccalaureate transfer degrees indicated and who are deemed admissible to Knox shall be awarded 18 credits and junior standing. Such students must meet all of the Knox graduation requirements.

Carl Sandburg Community College: Associate of Arts Degree
Associate of Science Degree

Illinois Central Community College: Associate of Arts and Sciences

A 3 Admission as a Candidate for Second Bachelor's Degree. A person who holds a bachelor's degree may be admitted as a candidate for a second bachelor's degree. In order to earn a second degree, the candidate must satisfy the residence requirement and established degree requirements, including a major in a field other than that presented for the first degree. If the first degree was earned at Knox, the minimum residence requirement shall be nine term-courses.

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