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Faculty Regulations consist of legislation proposed and approved by the faculty to carry out its responsibilities as established in the By-Laws of Knox College:

The faculty shall have the responsibility for regulation of educational policy concerned in the requirements of any degree in course authorized by the Board of Trustees. This responsibility includes such matters as standards of admission of students, definition of good standing of students, curriculum, class attendance, grade reports, and the recommendations for degrees. The faculty shall also have supervision over disciplinary action and over student activities, including such matters as athletic eligibility, extra curricular activities, fraternities, sororities, and the social life of the students. (VI.3.b.)

Faculty Regulations, Updated March 2016


  1. Admissions
    1. Admission as First-Year Students
    2. Admission with Advanced Standing
    3. Admission as a Candidate for Second Bachelor's Degree

  2. Requirements for Graduation
    1. Credits and Grades
    2. Residence
    3. Specialization
    4. General Education
    5. Educational Plan
    6. Cooperative Degree Programs
    7. College Honors Program
    8. Educational Development Program
    9. Conferring Degrees

  3. Academic Regulations
    1. Academic Calendar
    2. Courses
    3. Majors
    4. Registration of New Students
    5. Course Registration
    6. Classification of Students
    7. Grades
    8. Grade Point Averages
    9. Interim Reports
    10. Grade Changes
    11. Repeating Courses
    12. Grade Comparisons
    13. Dean's List of Distinguished Students
    14. Academic Probation
    15. Examinations
    16. Class Attendance
    17. Convocation Attendance
    18. College Marshal
    19. Bell
  1. Student Conduct and Extracurricular Affairs
    1. Student Conduct
    2. Discipline
    3. Honor System
    4. Extracurricular Affairs
    5. Student Publications
    6. Intercollegiate Athletics
    7. Social Events
    8. Fraternities and Sororities

  2. Scholarships and Awards

  3. Faculty Governance
    1. Officers
    2. Faculty Meetings
    3. Faculty Regulations
    4. Committees
    5. Election Procedures
    6. Appointment Procedures
    7. Vacancies on Standing Committees
    8. Communication from Committees
    9. Duties of Elected Standing Committees
    10. Duties of Appointed Standing Committees
    11. Faculty Observer to the Board of Trustees
    12. Faculty Emergency Fund
    13. Academic Regalia
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