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III. Faculty Personnel Policies

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Faculty Handbook

  1. Initial Appointments
    1. Authority to Appoint
    2. Hiring Procedures
    3. Terms of Appointment: Rank and Duration
  2. Criteria for Evaluation of Faculty
    1. Teaching Effectiveness
    2. Scholarship
    3. Institutional Service
    4. Institutional Needs
  3. Evaluation of Untenured Faculty
    1. Renewal of Appointment
    2. Promotion
  4. Evaluation of Tenured Faculty
    1. Promotion to Professor
    2. Other Evaluations
  5. Procedures for Review of Faculty for Reappointment, Tenure, and Promotion
    1. Material to be Gathered
      1. Material Provided by the Candidate
      2. Other Material for the Faculty Personnel Committee and the Dean
    2. Departmental Review
    3. Review Procedures for the Faculty Personnel Committee, the Dean and the President 
    4. Role of the Presideent, Board of Trustees, and Dean 
    5. Calendars for Review for Reappointment, Promotion, and Tenure
  6. Tenure, Termination, Resignations, Retirement
    1. Tenure
    2. Termination of Service
    3. Resignations
    4. Retirement
  7. Part-Time Faculty
    1. Terms of Appointment
    2. Continuing Non-Tenure-Track Appointments
    3. Governance
  8. Grievance Procedures
  9. Leaves
    1. Sabbatical Leaves
    2. Research Leaves for Untenured Faculty
    3. Leaves of Absence
    4. Leaves for Illness and Disability
    5. Parental Leave
    6. Fringe Benefits during Leaves
  10. Appointment Year, Outside Employment
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