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Set Your Own Pathway

Academic Knox

Welcome to Knox College! Congratulations on choosing a liberal arts education, one that will prepare you to be a clear and agile thinker-someone who can think carefully and from multiple perspectives-a persuasive communicator, an expert in your field who can see beyond its limits, and an effective problem-solver. Congratulations, too, on your admission to Knox College and welcome to our tradition of excellence in liberal arts education established in the 19th century, strengthened throughout the 20th century, and today tuned up for the 21st century!

In four years, when you walk across the stage to pick up your diploma, you will be an independent thinker, an independent person, a well-educated citizen. But if we spend the next four years simply telling you what to do and which courses to take, you won't have the chance to develop that "independence." Instead, we approach our four years with you as a process in which we provide some goals and lots of guidance to nurture your increasing independence. At Knox we emphasize choices-not just any choices, but informed ones. That is, we help you connect the wisdom of the faculty with your own aspirations and talents as you make your choices.

The Knox Catalog has changed over the years. Knox's very first Catalog in 1841 was only 12 pages.

Today, there are so many courses, programs, opportunities, and details in the Catalog that we offer this Guide as a way to help you see how things are tied together in a coherent "whole" of the liberal arts and liberal learning at Knox. Academic Knox is intended to help keep your eye on the "big picture." The Guide is designed to help you build your own academic pathway through the College, to understand the curricular goals and meet them in ways that have significance to you and your future.

Welcome, then, to Academic Knox, a guide for the first two years of study. Academic Knox is not intended to be read from cover to cover in one sitting. Rather, this guide has been designed as a reference tool. You can pick up the guide from time to time and read the chapter most closely related to what you're thinking about. Go ahead and read it from beginning to end if you'd like, but remember to check out relevant chapters when you are thinking about your academic plans.

We wish you good luck as you embark on your Knox adventure!


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