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Curriculum At a Glance

Academic Knox

Educational Plan: Completed with your advisor before the end of your sophomore year.

1. Foundations: An introduction to liberal learning (First-Year Preceptorial) taken in your first year of study and additional coursework in each of the four general areas of the curriculum: the sciences, the arts, the humanities, and the social sciences.

2. Specialization: Choose one of Knox's 40 majors as well as a second field of study.

3. Key Competencies:
  • Writing competency-established through FP, a designated "W" course in your major, and an additional "W" course from any department
  • Oral Presentation Skills-special attention built into a course, or courses, required for your major.
  • Information Literacy and Informed Use of Technology-special attention built into a course, or courses, required for your major.
  • Quantitative Literacy-basic proficiency established through your high school record, standardized test scores, or passing a mathematics course; literacy established through a designated course in Mathematics or other departments.
  • Second Language-earn 1 credit in language at the 103-level or above.
  • Understanding Diversity-pass a course designated as "DV".

4. Experiential Learning: Plan, complete and reflect on an out-of-class project that involves applying your education, testing potential career choices, and/or personal growth.