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More on Off-Campus Study

Plan ahead! You must apply for off-campus study programs the year before you intend to participate (i.e., you apply in the sophomore year for a junior-year program).

Faculty members in your (intended) major can give you an idea whether courses taken off-campus can be substituted for on-campus major requirements. The Registrar can also be a helpful source of information.

When you apply for off-campus programs, you need to make the case that you are academically, socially and emotionally prepared.

The Center for Global Studies is the key place to get information, or contact the campus advisor for the program you're interested in.

Center for Global Studies

Consider one of Knox's on-campus/off-campus special courses. Watch the course-listings for each term to see if any are listed. Remember, those courses have special fees to cover all the costs (including transportation) of your off-campus experience.