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More on Key Competencies

Oral presentation and information literacy/informed use of technology are skills which are discipline-specific. Each major includes required courses whose content ensures that you will acquire those skills.

FP takes care of one W course. One of the courses required by your major will take care of the second. You will have to choose a third W course from those listed by all the departments at the College.

First-Year Perceptorial: More on Knox's foundation curriculum

The Catalog has lists of W, O, and DV courses.

Everyone needs at least one credit of language at the 103-level or above.

Available language coursework:
Classics (Greek and Latin)

Check your QL status carefully. Your ACT or SAT score may have already established "proficiency"; but you will still need to establish quantitative "literacy" with a QL course. Note that passing any mathematics course above MATH 120 will simultaneously satisfy proficiency and quantitative literacy.