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More on Curriculum Foundations

The College Catalog provides a list of which courses are recognized as addressing the arts, sciences, social sciences or humanities. Some areas have a wider range of courses than others, and some departments offer courses in more than one Foundation area.

Course Catalog: Browse the complete Knox College course catalog

A number of departments offer courses at an introductory level which are specially designed for non-majors. For example, to address the Foundations requirement (e.g., Biological Issues, BIO 201, Chemistry and Society, CHEM 273). But you also are free to take the 100-level course required for the major in those departments in order to meet the Foundations goal.

Courses of study: Browse the current course lineup by department

Your Educational Development Record is available through the Registrar's website. It is updated each term to indicate how your course selections are stacking up against the Foundations (and other) goals.

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