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More on Care and Feeding of Advisors

Your initial advisor will remain with you until the point at which you declare a major. In special cases it is possible to request a new advisor. See Dean Haslem if you are considering doing so.

When you declare your major, a new advisor from your major department will be appointed. Departments differ with respect to how advisors and advisees are linked; in some, you ask a faculty member to be your advisor while in others the chair may make the assignment. The faculty within each department try to distribute the advisees evenly among the faculty-this may limit your choice of a major advisor. You should ask about this in advance of declaring a major.

Your advisor has a copy of your Knox application. This includes your application essay, high school transcript, and test scores. This helps advisors become familiar with you.

You can check your academic progress at any time. Your progress is tracked in your Educational Development Record. Log onto the registrar's website and click the link to "EDR." You'll see an up-to-date progress report showing the status of your graduation requirements.

View EDR Report

Advisees of faculty on leave are assigned to a new faculty member. Sometimes a faculty member will go on a sabbatical leave (a term with no teaching or advising in which they are expected to carry forward their research and teaching development projects). Advisors let students know in advance if they will be gone for a term; they may make suggestions about whom you should request as your new advisor. Dean Haslem handles all advisor assignments and you might want to consult him about a new advisor.